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These boots are made for…Cooking! ($150 BOOT GIVEAWAY)

18 Sep

My Ariat Brown Oiled Rowdy boots from Country Outfitter.

Update: Entries are closed! Will update soon with the winner. Good luck!

Howdy, folks.

You may have recently noticed, if you’re a follower of blogs, that all the coolest Arkansas bloggers seem to be giving away boots these days.

The reason is, this awesome northwest Arkansas company called Country Outfitter sponsored a bunch of us to give away their cowboy boots. We got a free pair, I admit. And they’re awesome. And they’re letting us give you a pair, too.

So yes, this is a sponsored post, as the vernacular goes. I don’t do many of these, and never for a company or product I don’t like. But…until I got these, I’d never, ever had a for-real pair of boots.

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Winner Winner Wildwood Dinner!

13 Sep

Congrats to my friend Sam L., who won the tickets to Wildwood Wine and Food Festival tomorrow night. She and her hubs are awesome folks and college friends of mine, which gave her absolutely no extra credit toward winning. See?

By the way, Sam recently started a blog of her own, juicebox2go.com, about family travel and the perils and high points of traveling with little ones. The blog is particularly well-written and has lots of giveaways and travel tips, so go check it out!

I’ll have lots more contests in the coming months, so stay tuned. A particularly big and awesome one will be announced on Monday.

It involves footwear.

And Southwestern food.



An attempt at gratuitous self promotion, at your benefit.

19 Jan

This is one of those things I probably should have given more thought before throwing it all out there on Twitter, but so be it.

I’ve decided to cook personally for the 500th person who email subscribes to this blog. Just type in your email addy and click the button under “Email Foodie Alerts,” minion.  And just to keep the quick-starters motivated, I’ll also choose one randomly from the earlier numbers.

Also, as indicated on the Twitters, I’ll have to have control of the details. If you live in another state, well, you’ll have to settle for something I can ship to you. If you only eat raw unicorn spleens, then you may want to go elsewhere. And if you’re a stalker wanting to kill me and eat my flesh for the meal, please, don’t. I’m awfully bitter.

I will come to your reasonably nearby home, or a place of business, within the state of Arkansas. And I can cater to special needs such as allergies, gluten intolerance, and a kryptonite-like reaction to bananas. Believe me, I can relate.

So, join on, foodies. There are big things to come, currently in the works, and you want them in your inbox.

I’m Published! (Plus a Branson Getaway contest)

19 Oct

As I mentioned earlier, I (somehow) won Foodista.com’s Best of Food Blogs contest and was selected to appear in a book of their favorite 100 blogger recipes. It was a crowd-sourced publishing experiment in merging the two things we foodies love best: blogs and printed cookbooks.

The book, Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook: 100 Great Recipes, Photographs, and Voices, published today! I haven’t received my hard copy yet, but from the images and photos on Amazon, it looks fabulous. I had thought my photo was on the cover, but that was just Foodista’s promotional poster. No matter, it’s gorgeous and brilliant (I read some with Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature) and I’m SPAZZING OUT I’M SO EXCITED!!!


So, how abouts you pick up a copy at the link above? (Click the book cover image.) From what I’ve read, it has lots and lots of inspiring recipes, not to mention the snazzy writing of 99 of my fellow food bloggers.

And me. I’m on pages 174-175.

Hows about this…a contest! I’m offering a two-night stay at the Wilderness Club at Big Cedar Lodge near Branson, Missouri. Facilities and dates will be worked out upon awarding the prize, based upon availability. I will randomly choose one winner from those who spread the word (and use this link) via Facebook or Twitter. Just let me know in the comments below that you did it! (If you tweet, please cc me using @ARFoodie, too.)

I’m giving you one week, so your deadline is next Tuesday, October 26 at noon, Central time.
UPDATE: Just to be clear, travel is on your own.

The link, in case you have trouble copying: http://bit.ly/bLC9Nx

Good luck!

And it’s a winner…Spicy Pumpkin Carrot Muffins!

2 Sep

Look, my photo is #4 on the top row!

If you happened to be reading Fancy Pants Foodie about a year ago, you may have seen (or even tasted) my inventioneered fall recipe, Spicy Pumpkin Carrot Muffins. It was an experiment gone, well, right.

Apparently, the folks at Foodista.com agree. The recipe was among 100 winners of their Best of Food Blogs Cookbook contest and will be published in a cookbook on October 19.

From the announcement at Foodista:

Foodista and Andrews McMeel Publishing are thrilled to announce the winners of The Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook contest! From December 1, 2009 through February 28, 2010, Food bloggers worldwide were invited to submit their favorite blog posts, recipes, and photos to compete for a spot in a published cookbook. After receiving over 1,500 submissions, which were then voted on by the Foodista community, the selection process shifted into a more traditional editorial effort (informed by community votes), to choose and edit the final 100 entries.

Andrews McMeel will publish the winning blog posts and recipes in a beautiful, full-color, internationally distributed cookbook, set for release on October 19, 2010. Born out of the “Blog to Book” panel at the first International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC) in 2009, the cookbook celebrates the best food bloggers worldwide.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who participated!

[Pre-order your copy of the Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook by clicking here]

I am SO excited!!! I know there are a lot of awesome, experienced food bloggers out there, with recipes better than mine…so I’m very blessed to have a recipe chosen for this book. Hope you’ll pick one up so we can do a silly happy dance together.

Or at least cook some cool stuff.