Me sauteeing arugula at an in-home wine dinner for Pulaski Tech.

What in the world?

I’m still figuring it out myself.

Long story short:

I’ve loved writing my whole life. I got a journalism/PR degree. I worked in PR for a while.

I learned that I also love to cook. I started making crazy stuff like chocolate soufflé with a balsamic raspberry reduction. The “fancy pants” stuff appeals to me, for some reason. I still have trouble with cheese dip and toast.

I went to culinary school at Pulaski Technical College Arkansas Culinary School (now PTC Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Institute). I blogged about it here.

Meanwhile, I learned that a bunch of my health issues are gluten-related, so I’ve been gluten-free since August 2011.

My current passion is getting people to cook at home. Anything. Just cook!

I’ve graduated from culinary school with a Certified Culinarian accreditation, and I have my hands in all sorts of buckets.

  • I write about local food news, reviews and how-tos here on Fancy Pants Foodie. I am currently seeking sponsorship partners for video and blog content.
  • I teach private cooking classes for individuals and groups.
  • I volunteer a lot for Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign to end childhood hunger in the U.S. This includes managing a major fundraiser every spring, the Food Blogger Bake Sale (Arkansas’ branch of a national event), as well as teaching Cooking Matters, a No Kid Hungry program that teaches basic cooking skills and nutrition.
  • I do occasional stages (short-term internships) at restaurants to learn more about cooking and the industry. I blog about this, too.

Contact Me

Got any questions? Suggestions?

Email me.

Media or companies seeking partnership opportunities, please see the PR/Media tab for additional information.


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