Fancy Pants Goes to (Elementary) School

2 Jun

Me cheffing it up with second graders at Lakewood Elementary.

Since starting my culinary school journey this year, I’ve taken an interest in teaching kids about cooking.

Yes, there’s already Kids Cook, which does a fantastic job of teaching kids in the area to cook healthy meals. In fact, you should check them out.

Today, I tried some methods of my own at Lakewood Elementary in North Little Rock, where my daughter attends second grade. Since I was a writer before I was a food-lover, I incorporated some creative writing projects, as well as math and science that you might find in the kitchen.

Here’s what we did:

  • We talked about culinary school. Did you know that we have to do MATH? The same stuff you’re doing now! *gasps from the crowd*
  • We multiplied recipes. If a cake takes 3 eggs, and we need three cakes, how many eggs do we need? How about for 10 cakes? (Zalandria was the Math Wiz here.)
  • We made lemonade, from scratch. The idea was for the kiddos to make their own this summer and have a lemonade stand.
  • We wrote two pieces: one recipe (must include a title, ingredients and instructions) and one fiction story about “what happened at my lemonade stand.”

I gave each student a sheet with two recipes to take home, Lemonade from Scratch and a French Yogurt Cake, and my earlier brief ditty titled “How Far From the Farm?”.  I’ll put the recipes in a separate post later.

The kids were great! I expected much more wiggling and disruption this close to the end of the year. And their recipes and stories were wonderful. I plan to post more of them, but…I’m tired. For now, I’m posting my favorite, by Emma G.:

At my lemonade stand a stranger came up to me and ask for coffe and I said we don't have coffe but I'm selling lemonade. He said "I'll have some of that." "YULK!" He said. "This is the worst lemonade I've ever tasted." "All that's in it is 3 cups of suger, 2 cup of sailt, 5 carots, and 3 onions!" "I think I'm going to puke!!!"

2 Responses to “Fancy Pants Goes to (Elementary) School”

  1. Jackie Baisa June 2, 2010 at 11:17 PM #

    Thanks so fantastic! I love the “math with cooking” challenges. 🙂

    And Emma’s story cracked me up!


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